Richard Albritton
What Do I Want?

I have worked in print and web design for most of my life both as an Art Director and Production Artist. I am looking for a position that will challenge me to use my technical knowledge and customer service skills on a daily basis.

I'm very organized, I'm a self-motivated worker, but I enjoy working as a team player. When dealing with complex situations and tasks, I tend to be a dynamic problem solver. Always eager to do whatever is required of me to help the team. Working for large companies like Humongous Entertainment, Cobalt Group, and Direct Marketing Solutions, has enabled me to feel quite at home in a fast paced / high turnover environment. Many of the smaller businesses I've been employed with have required me to take an active role in shaping the development of company infrastructure and I am always up for the challenge. My ability to take an active role in a company's advancement is shown by projects ranging from organizing a company newsletter for Sega GameWorks, implementing more extensive project tracking for Digicolor, to creating powerful new sales tools for Direct Marketing Solutions and Stickny Research that allowed easier access to client information.

Working as Customer Support for companies like Speakeasy Networks, Connect Express, and Sega GameWorks has given me the experiences to swiftly resolve all sorts of issues. Combined with my retail and Technical Support experience I am equipped to do the best job I can to assist your clients. In addition to my artistic background, I have extensive experience with software support, hardware, networking, and even working as an Electrical Engineer wile at Sega GameWorks.

Hopefully I can be a good fit for this position and I look forward hearing from you. I can be contacted either by email at or on my phone at (206) 395-9062 should you have any further questions and for a list of my references.

Thank you for reading my qualifications,
Richard Albritton