Seattle is looking a bit like Silent Hill today with all the falling ash and red sun.

TV and Stereo control for IOT

I found this project and it is exactly what I have been looking for. A way to copy then emit signals via IR burst for my TV and surround sound.

I will make an update when I have done this and integrated it into Home Assistant.

MicroBit code Example for IOT Dollhouse

We got a new toy at work today. Just finished getting it mostly setup and tested.

Watch “Sounds of the Nightmare Machine” on YouTube

Watch “OpenCV Python Neural Network Autonomous RC Car” on YouTube

Micro:Bit Servo Robot

I have been working on trying to get my servo powered robot, Hack-e-Bot, working with the MicroBit so that younger kids can program it’s basic movement to navigate through an obstacle course.  I now have custom blocks that can be used to control any servo powered robot using Pin 0 and Pin 1. Continue reading Micro:Bit Servo Robot

Installing Home Assistant with HASSbian

Home Assistant is one of the most versatile and powerful home automation platforms and it is complacently open source. Once set up, it can be accessed from any web browser and allows your to create complex automation that put services like IFTTT to shame. Continue reading Installing Home Assistant with HASSbian

Emily dragged me to a Baseball Game

More dogs at the MakerSpace