Single rise Peasant Bread

For my birthday, I got a new KitchenAid Mixer and this is my favorite bread making recipe. It is rather easy and yummy. Continue reading Single rise Peasant Bread

IOT Holiday Lights

This tutorial will walk you through setting up a string of colorful holiday lights that connect to the internet. The lights can display many types of animations and colors based on information sent to it using Adafruit’s IO service. Once connected and programmed, IFTTT can be used to set date triggers as well as change animations based on your GPS location, the weather report for the day, and even when you are getting a call from your mother.

The hard stuff is already done and with just a bit of soldering and a few code edits, you will be deep into the beast known as the Internet of Things. Continue reading IOT Holiday Lights

Adding ESP8266 support to Arduino IDE

This will help you to add hardware support for programming devices that use the ESP8266 WiFi connected micro controllers. Continue reading Adding ESP8266 support to Arduino IDE

It’s only Rocket Science!

So someone on Facebook reposed a video from a Flat Earther arguing that the centrifugal force of the earths spin should fling the ocean out into space. We have water on earth, so how is this possible unless the earth is really just flat and not spinning at all? Well my friend science shamed these people with a reasonable argument, but I thought that I would really hammer some hard science into the argument. Rocket Science that is… Continue reading It’s only Rocket Science!

Seattle is looking a bit like Silent Hill today with all the falling ash and red sun.

TV and Stereo control for IOT

I found this project and it is exactly what I have been looking for. A way to copy then emit signals via IR burst for my TV and surround sound.

I will make an update when I have done this and integrated it into Home Assistant.

MicroBit code Example for IOT Dollhouse

We got a new toy at work today. Just finished getting it mostly setup and tested.

Watch “Sounds of the Nightmare Machine” on YouTube

Watch “OpenCV Python Neural Network Autonomous RC Car” on YouTube