Self driving vehicles will change our cities

Tyler Folsom is the Elcano Project Affiliate Professor for University of Washington. By now we should all see how much self driving cars will change our cities. Tyler is working on ways to make that transition in a practical way.

Changes to the infrastructure and development of low price sensors will be the key.

UAVs and the farm

Gabriel Torres is representing MicaSense. They are working on the next-generation sensors for agricultural.

High resolution near infrared spectral imaging can clearly show a change in crop health even before visible signs appear. Comparison of data can easily show where change is taking place.

Wireless power and lasers

Tom Nugent, from LaserMotive Inc., talked about using lasers to transfer power from the ground to an airborne drone. Initially this will be for security and military applications, but they aim to make this tech available to smaller commercial companies.

UAV conference KeyNote lunch.

Andy Hickl is talking about Vulcan Inc. and how it is working to support the use of UAVs to aid with crisis management, transportation of supplies (like blood samples from potential Ebola victims), and poaching enforcement to save endangered species.

Unfortunately, efforts to curb poaching has been unsuccessful and the loss of many large endangered animals are already to far gone. More ideas  are needed to increase the effectiveness of sensors, longer range, and more automation is needed to really effect change in the long run.

The local syndicates are well equipped and easily deploy around the activities of drone crews. The fear of drone attacks do intimidate poachers for now, but as awareness about UAVs increases the realization that not all drones are weaponized.

There is a large demand for near real-time tracking of animal groups. If we can track the animals, we can predict were the poachers will be.

Washington DOT wants UAVs

From bridge inspections to promotional imagery, Washington DOT is actively seeking to build relationships with UAV organizations to hit the ground running once government regulations are lifted.

Legislation is a continuing topic at this conference.

UAV talks and changing politics

We just listened to a talk by Greenriver College about thier work to develop and deploy UAVs for commercial use. They are at the forefront of Washington and Oregon political debates on regulatory policies.

While the are experienced with aviation training, more companies are asking for information and training with small, under 250lb, unmanned aircraft for survey, agriculture, and inspection duties in the commercial sector.

A representative of NOAA also spoke about how they have implemented UAVs to maintain national preserves. Being a government organization has helped them test larger cowordinated systems for inforsment of fishing laws and wildlife research. Some of the videos show wild life behavior that is not typically seen due to the disruptive noise that comes from conventional aircraft.

More talks to come…

Going to a UAV conference this morning.

This is every kind of awesome.

Rocket Launcher Style Olympus AIR A01 Camera Module Setup Could Get You Arrested

Laser cutting Tie Fighters

I got into some of our donated plywood today…

Forged from foam…

It is hard to describe to people just how much you can do with pink foam. You just have to see it to believe it. From big pink block you battle ready war hammer in just 3 days. I will post photos of the prosess from start to finish later.