Seattle Garden show.

I am at the Seattle lawn and garden show with Emily today. As I was walking around to see the shops I realize that I am dangerous. I see something that looks good and instantly try and figure out how I would make it myself… That’s just the maker life I guess.

Intel hackathon








Off to the Intel Hackathon

Intel IoT Hackathon

Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015, 9:00 AM

Startup Hall
1100 Northeast Campus Parkway, #200 Seattle, WA

0 Hackers Went

Event details, courtesy of Rex St. John, Intel’s IoT evangelist:Important: You *MUST* register here to get your *free* Intel Edison Dev Kit!You are invited to join Intel to participate in a one-of-a-kind Seattle hackathon with Intel Edison at the SoDo Makerspace. Sign up as soon as possible, spaces are highly limited. There will be cash prizes an…

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Pods issues

I have used for easy handling of custom post types for WordPress. It makes it easy for other users to change how the content is displayed and create new post types by using a fairly well designed GUI. I can edit the page templates from the Pods Admin dashboard and I don’t get confusing looks when I try and explain the fundamentals of the register_post_type() function.

All in all, Pods has just made it easy for me to customize WordPress and make it easy for a basic user to maintain. However, they have started to get a bit sloppy with documentation for the last few updates. This came as a shock to me when suddenly the educational content on my Hack-E-Bot website was not showing up correctly.
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So much Make

Today I did an upgrade to the Shapeoko and made a rolling work bench for it. I also got to cut out a cool design that I put together before Christmas.

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A Box Full of Bots

I have got a box full of robots to show off on today’s Adafruit Show and Tell.

My Internet of things

Last night I learning about API interactions with the Spark Core. It is actually rather easy once you see how it is implemented. I now have a working app that will let me turn our living room light on or off and show the current status.

Now I just need to secure the code and build an app. I will also be adding a temperature sensor and a servo to the module so I can turn the apartment heat up or down remotely.

Shapeoko 3… ish

Wow, this is rather funny. I know it may be a bit dull for some, but stick with it until min 2 and you won’t be sorry  

The Parts Are In

Sorry for the lack of updates, but the last shipment of parts has just arrived.

I have been organizing and building on stuff as it has come in. I even got a bit of help doing servo mods last weekend. I now have all of the parts needed to fulfill the crowd funding rewards and it looks like we will be able to get it all sent out near December 1st as expected.

wpid-wp-1415818422260A few unexpected surprises have come up along the way. I found a really good line sensor that matches the price of the old one. It will require a slight change to the chassis cut files, but it works much better and does not require a change in programming. Aside from that, I discovered that the servos now only come with 1 mounting screw rather than the 2 that previously secured the Servo horn to each wheel. I tried to see if I could get things to work with just 1 screw, but ultimately I just ordered some replacement screws that should arrive soon.

I have been working with a new Makerspace and just cut a deal for some discounted machine time in exchange for help with workshops and what not. The first chassis will be cut this Saturday and photos will soon follow.

Instructions, for those who ordered the inbuilt kits, is underway and now that I have parts to assemble, I will be adding photos soon.

We are one step closer to having a visual programming environment with Ardublocks. A friend has figured out how to set up the Java environment so we can create new blocks to work with the Hack-E-Bot. I will try to have that going shortly after shipping, but for now getting the kits sent out is my priority.


Introducing the Photon.

Oh, a new Wi-Fi chip coming soon for $19???

Spark just started pre sales for the new Spark Photon. This an Arduino like micro controller with built-in Wi-Fi. I have 3 of the Spark Cores and I love them, at $39 a pop, but this new chip is more powerful and HALF the price!!!

The down side is that they don’t ship until March :(