Things that I can do

I am a Maker.

As a Maker, this has meant that I have worked hard to assemble a wide range of skill sets. This is a list of skills I have obtained over the years and, as I am a quick learner, I am sure that this list will continue to grow.


I started learning C++ code in high school in Memphis, Tennesee, but I quickly moved into HTML during my time at the Art Institute of Seattle. Later my work independently lead me to SQL, Java, and PHP for creating dynamic web content. Eventually abandoning custom CMS web development, I dove into the WordPress environment and have never turned back.

Hardware programming became a necessary skill for me as an artist. I wanted to add an electronic and interactive element to prop displays and fashion. Limitations in technological access limited my entry into hardware programming until 2013, when I first found out about the Raspberry Pi foundation and Adafruit Industries. I quickly moved from basic Arduino programming to coding for robotics, IOT infrastructure, and gesture-activated wearable technology.

I am now proficient with C++ in the Arduino environment, MQTT, Python, the Linux platform, Json, XML, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, and some Java.

Hardware development

The same limitations that held back my experience with hardware programming made it necessary to learn how to assemble logic using analog electronics. This gave me valuable understanding of how the newer digital integrated circuits worked once they became more readily accessible. Since 2013, I have worked on many hardware development projects for artists and educators. One such project was aimed at developing a robust and inexpensive educational robotics platform, called Hack-E-Bot. This lead to a close relationship with Adafruit Industries and the beginning of my ongoing tech education development with many local schools and organizations.

When I am not developing tech-centered curriculum, I spend time researching emerging technology and strive to help develop standards and early prototyping. The most recent of these projects involve localized Internet of Things networking using MQTT, ESP8266, the Raspberry Pi, and open source software. I am also working with a few groups to use sensors in wearable technology to interpret gestures for event triggers. Other projects aim to get people involved in developing advanced networking hardware that can add video game style mechanics to real world objects. The hope is that the same systems that will be developed for entertainment can be re-purposed to collect critical data for research studies, medical tracking, and large scale agriculture.

Most of this work is accomplished at Seattle’s SoDo MakerSpace, where I am a project lead, trainer, and instructor for technology centered projects. My relationships with organizations like Adafruit, TAF Academy, STEM Paths, and SoDo MakerSpace have made it possible for me to not only use existing tools and hardware, but also to develop new electronics and be a real part of shaping the future of how we use technology.

Graphic Design

My experience with Adobe products for print and web output is extensive and has prepared me to tackle any task involving photo manipulation and optimization. HTML, CSS and web standards have been a large part of my work for many years previous to my current involvement in the Maker community. I actively engage in work involving content management systems like SharePoint, Drupal, and WordPress. Studying SQL, Ajax, and PHP has given me a well-rounded understanding about how these systems work and how they can be improved.

I invite you to contact me concerning any project or project phase in which you are seeking the skills in my expertise. As of now I am not listing specific services offered; I am very flexible and prefer to adapt my services to your needs.