Such a nice day

This is the first day when it has been nice weather and I don’t have loads of work to do. So I thought it would be nice to take a trip to get some plants for the garden.

Along the way I stopped to take some photos of some blown out windows from the coffee house that exploded a few weeks ago.

2 Days After the Explosion.


imageWhile all of the shops still have plywood in the windows…

most have gotten artists to paint them with colorful murals. Here are a few from around the neighborhood.

Later IĀ got a bag full of plants.


Then I got the garden all set up.


Lettuce is on the Left, herbs, root veggies, then spinach and other cook-able greens.

Some times I feel like…


A wizard or soothsayer when I decide to go out on an adventure.

Last night a few of us went to the art walk to see the public opening of a sculpture that I helped with by adding motion and lighting to. This was at the Method gallery and it was rather busy all night.

As we viewed some of the other artists, we visited the studio of Suzanne Tidwell. She is responsible for some of that Yarn Bombing that goes on in the city from time to time. In her collection there were some of these brightly colored poles that she was selling. They were from a large commission to make a field of Cat tails in the wetlands around a university. Now one of them is in our garden.

However, since I purchased this piece near the beginning of our art walk, I had to carry it triumphantly for the rest of the night. Me, with my LED scarf and a yarn covered staff… Wizard.