How to add Sound Effects to a Costume

From time to time I am asked about adding sound to a prop or costume. Thankfully, Adafruit has made this supper easy for all of us with a line of Audio FX boards that can be triggered without writing a single line of code.

Here are a few kits that I have picked out for anyone looking to add such a device to their outfit or prop.  Continue reading How to add Sound Effects to a Costume

A few thoughts on Pinhead


The Hellraiser series provided us with plenty of nightmare fuel in its day. However, when I think back to the many epic monologues the Pinhead delivered, his message is one of hope and optimism.

image“We have such sights to show you.”
Pinhead just wants to share the unique sights that his alternate realm have to offer. I am sure this would be an unforgettable experience…

“Your suffering will be legendary, even in Hell.”
While suffering is not ideal, it is a critical part of what defines us as individuals. I think that what Pinhead is really saying here is that while he understands that we all make mistakes that lead to suffering,  Kirsty is a strong and independent woman who can handle more suffering than most.

“Oh no tears please, its a waste of good suffering.”
The job of a Cenobite is likely not an easy one. Someone opens a dimensional portal to “Hell” and maybe then suddenly they want to close it once they have a look. Ever heard he professional, Pinhead defuses the situation by letting them know that it’s not so bad and it is really not worth crying over. As bad a you are, he has had worse.

So there you go, positive words of wisdom from a guy who has truly been to Hell and back.