Projects and Achievements

This is a list of the many projects and achievements I have been involved with.

Writing Tutorials and Example code

For Adafruit Industries

I am a regular participant on Adafruit’s weekly show and tell podcast. This lead to working with Adafruit to create tutorials for IOT, robotics, and Arduino education. Recently working on educational uses for the Circuit Playground.

Nation of Makers at the White House

For The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

I was invited to join representatives of the maker community from the US to meet with the executive branch of the White House in the Roosevelt Administrative building. The purpose of the visit was to talk to key members of the executive branch and work out how the federal government could continue to support the maker community.

Watch Dogs 2 LED Goggles

For Ubisoft

Ubisoft asked for SoDo MakerSpace to host a workshop for 16 of the top Watch Dogs 2 players for PAX Seattle. We used the Adafruit NeoPixel Goggle kits so that attendees had a chance to solder, program, and embellish their own LED goggles.

Midnight Carnival Escape Room

For Puzzle Break

I was in charge of designing and building multiple props and puzzles for Puzzle Break’s Seattle location. They wanted custom electronics that would blend into ordinary looking objects that would transform or give out clues during the game. This was a first step in creating electronics that could replicate video game style mechanics and action at a distance.

Amazon Summer Picnic

For, Inc.

I was commissioned to make a human powered painting machine for the yearly Amazon company picnic. Dubbed the PollockTron 5000, this installation required two people to move a paint brush over a canvas using a series of pulleys.

STEM Paths Mentoring

For STEM Paths Innovation Network

Provided mentorship for at risk and underserved teenagers at the SoDo MakerSpace. Showing them how to take an idea and turn that into a product using rapid prototyping machines like the laser cutter and 3D printers.

Hardware development and consulting

For Robotics As A Service I/O

Providing web development help along with educational hardware development. RaasIO works with organizations like the Technology Access Foundation(TAF), Geek Girls Carrots, and the Seattle Public Library.

Complex Systems Workshop

For Scrum Inc. and Lockheed Martin

Using my robotics platform, Hack-E-bot, to teach Scrum Methodology to executives at Lockheed Martin. This took place at their headquarters in Maryland over the course of 3 days.

Educational Robotics Platform

For Hack-E-Bot Robotics

Hack-E-Bot started as an attempt to see just how inexpensive an entry level robotics kit was for a robotics showcase at a sci fi convention. The idea was that attendees could spend a small amount of money and take robot home. We quickly found out that robotics kits were either too expensive or too basic. So Richard decided to see if he could design a new type of robotics kit that was low price and easily scale-able. Somewhere along the way Richard realized that this project would be well suited for early STEM learning and the low price aspect meant that it would be accessible to low income families. Hack-E-Bot has now attracted the attention of educational organisations who are helping to support and eventually incorporate this system into the class room. Other organizations like Intel and Lockheed Martin are already starting to use a branded version of the Hack-E-Bot, by Robotics as a Service I/O(RaaSIO), to showcase their open source technology and the importance of smart engendering.

Sprint Mobile Care Call Flows

For Sprint Mobile

As part of the Sprint contract, I created an API that let us create custom Call Flow documents from templates. This resulted in reducing project man hours from what used to take 40 hours to a simple 30 minute task.

WDS Knowledge Team Portal

For WDS Global

My web development experience has helped the team by creating simulation previews that use the clients own style sheets to verify correct formatting, trouble shooting UI conflicts across multiple channels within Sprints network, and ensuring that our content adheres to global standards and best practices. My work with the Knowledge Team Portal tied all of our tools and processes together into an easy to use CMS.

Unfortunately this website is password protected.

Radioshack Mobility Support

For RadioShack

This project covers many aspects of mobile support for RadioShack regarding support for mobile devices. As a member of the Content and Authoring team I created 360 degree animations, hardware walk-through guides, step by step support information, and on device support steps. All content is created and managed by WDS Global’s proprietary software.

Band Website

For Syztem7

Content driven band site for Syztem7.